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You have located the one wholesale web site where you will find a large selection of faceted or cabochon gemstones directly  from Jaipur, India, the gem cutting capitol of India.   Please Book Mark this location  for future reference.    You may contact a U.S.A. representative by E-Mail Link .

Come visit our cool modern office in Jaipur, India.  Our corporation office is located on the third floor of the Emerald Tower building.  You will have a wonderful vacation and a gemstone experience you will never forget.  Jaipur is a very safe city to visit.  Our office manager will help you find a comfortable modern place to stay and if you wish he can arrange for you to have a car and an English speaking driver to be you constant companion.  Contact Nirmal Corporation:  Alok Chordia

Our Mission
Our mission is to supply you with the best precious and semi-precious gemstones that are available from the gemstone factories of Jaipur, India.  We don't stock or sell synthetic man made stones.    We will find the genuine gemstone bargains for you and ship them promptly to you by insured mail.  Our goal is to maintain a trusting relationship with all of our customers. 
GemsNirmal - Nirmal Corporation will help you add color to your life.

We can't list all of the gemstones that are available in Jaipur so we request that you click on the E-Mail address below and tell us which gemstones you want.  Mention the gemstone name, number and the size you need.

Prices will be quoted to you by return E-Mail.   The prices listed are for a specific parcel or a single stone.  Wholesale prices are available to manufacturers and business accounts.  The price can vary with each new parcel.  We guarantee all gemstones to be as represented.

Company Profile
Nirmal Corporation was incorporated in 1967 in Jaipur, India.   GemsNirmal is the website name for the
wholesale division of the company.   This is a family owned business with five brothers in the same business.   Alok Chordia is the active CEO of Nirmal Corporation.

Contact Information
Cell Phone:

Postal address:
        K.G.B. Ka Rasta  Johri Bazar
  Jaipur 302003 India
               Suite 301 Emerald Tower Building
Corporate Office Address:
          Suite 301 of the Emerald Tower building  - K.G.B. Ka Rasta  Johri Bazar

Electronic mail:
General Information: Contact Alok:
Sales: Nirmal Chordia

Customer Support: Alok Chordia       
Webmaster:   Webmaster
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